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Maintenance of sisal, coir and sea grass
These types of floor coverings require simple maintenance only. Regular hoovering adjusted to the user intensity is the first and most important requirement. In rooms with low relative humidity levels, it is recommended to keep humidity levels at 60-70% using a plant spray. We recommend the use of a hygrometer in the room. Extend the life of your coir, sisal or sea grass carpet with the right humidity levels. Dyed or bleached carpets must be protected from prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Remove any spots immediately. Fresh spots that are still damp are the easiest to remove. Dab immediately with an absorbing cloth or kitchen paper. Do not rub as this will only make the spot larger. Many spots are water-soluble, particularly when the spot is fresh. Dabbing with a cloth soaked in lukewarm water will in most cases remove any remaining spot either in whole or in part. Finish by taking a dry cloth to absorb the remaining moisture. For stubborn spots add a little vinegar or ammoniac to the lukewarm water. Repeat the treatment if necessary (again, don’t rub) and speed up the drying process by blowing dry with warm air.

Try to scrape off dried-up and old spots with a spoon or the back of a knife. Always work towards the centre of the spot. Then vacuum or sweep up and treat as above. Spots that do not dissolve in water can be treated with EnviroDri powder. Repeat the treatment if necessary. Your home furnisher stocks the EnviroDri powder or can order it for you. Some spots are very difficult to remove, particularly if they haven’t been treated (couldn’t be treated) straightaway. Always make sure that the spot does not spread. Absorbing kitchen roll is a good help in this.
In short: do not wet anything that is dry, dab moist spots immediately and treat as described. Grease spots can usually be removed with benzine or trichloroethylene, available from your chemist.

Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee removal of all spots. For questions about unusual spots, call us on +31 (0) 317 61 90 01 or send us an e-mail before treating them.

NOTE! Never soak sisal; always treat it with a moist cloth or brush.

At your request we will give your floor covering a protective Intec treatment, for even better protection against moist and dirt soaking in.


Care for your carpet in the above manner and you will enjoy living on nature for many years.