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Maintenance of paper floor covering

Sand and grit can damage paper fibres. Regular vacuuming prevents this and extends the life of your floor covering.

Because the paper fibres are treated with a protective dirt and water repellent wax, the carpet can be cleaned with a moist cloth. Despite this protection, the yarn can soak up certain liquid substances spilled on the carpet. Spilling hot coffee, for example, will melt the protective wax, allowing the coffee to soak into the paper. We recommend that any liquid spilled is removed immediately with a clean and absorbing cloth. Follow by removing the remaining dirt with a moist (not a wet) cloth.

Dry any damp carpet using a hairdryer. Never clean the floor covering with a "deep steam" machine or wet shampoo.
Marks made by a ballpoint or pencil are easily removed with an eraser.

At your request we will treat your floor covering with a preventive Intec treatment to give it even better protection against moist and dirt.

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Care for your carpet in the above manner and you will enjoy living on nature for many years.