With the Cunera Metamorfose you always have a choice!
You can use both sides of the rug.
From now on you no longer have to settle for wool or sisal, warm winter white or elegant taupe.
The rugs in the Metamorfose collection are available in a range of colours and materials. A few of the possible combinations are shown below.
Now you can transform your living room with a ‘flick of the rug’.
Also available as a wall-to-wall carpet

With the Cunera Metamorfose
1 = 2!!!
Metamorfose rug
border cotton C-1399
left Ambra 1529 wool, right Opaal 8612 wool/sisal
border flax L-6814
left Ambra 1506 wool, right Safari 3719 sisal
border linen L-6905
left Diamant 7079 wool, right Safari 3798 sisal
border flax L-6015
left Melville 45.608 wool, right Treviso 4661 wool/sisal
bordeer cotton C-3107
left Monza 7834 wool/sisal, right Opaal 8607 wool/sisal
border cotton C-1317
left Trevi 2701 sisal, right Toscane 5113 wool